WW-2000 Dutch Ch. Mc William's Jerom HD A AD 00 PRA-
LP I Vajert Quindy HD A AD 00

Who Wonoscar
Humlans Who Wonoscar
Wild Wanessa
Humlans Wild Wanessa
Why Worrie
Humlans Why Worrie
Wiva Wictoria
Humlans Wiva Wictoria
Whispering Willow
Humlans Whispering Willow
Wakeup Weronica
Humlans Wakeup Weronica
Wan Wildebeest
Humlans Wan Wildebeest
Wicked Wilma
Humlans Wicked Wilma

Showresults 2002
Showresults achieved in breeders & progenygroups 2001

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