Humlans Faxfor Fabio
HD A/A AD 0/0 Saxbett GK MH
KORAD KBHV-08 NORDJV-07 NORDV-07 Hoi Libertine of the Border River
HD A AD 0/0 Saxbett GK MH

Roughrags Truand

Roughrags Trotzig

Roughrags Trudelutt

Roughrags Trooper

Roughrags Tiberia

Roughrags Tindra

Roughrags Tiffanelle

Roughrags Tingeling

Roughrags Timotey

Some extracts from mails we've got recently...

"Hi Mikey and Carina,
...Tru is a wonderful, smart, headstrong, beautiful young puppy. He is everything I have missed in a really nice Laekenois.
He was truly worth the wait! He is a bit precocious and full of himself. No doubt he will live up to his name.
I am just delighted with Truand. You and Carina really get it spot on with the Laekenois....thanks!
Kind Regards, Lou Anne

...Tinka has shown a very VERY good kamplust It is so easy to reward her with a toy or with play. She likes food also, but the playing is the best way of rewarding her.
The Kennel Tending trainers said that Tinka has a very excellent kamplust =D And said that she is a very promissing puppy, my little princess =D
We have also done more field tracking, now Tinka do fine 70m long track, so we are developing.
We have got excellent information conserning the tracking and I think we are going to be very good in it, when Tinka is older =D If we keep on training.
In IPO sektor we haven't done other than playing with strangers, and she plays with them very good. But we try to get a bit further in obedince before we start bitework.
Tinka is so baby so we do just babytraining with her...but step by step we are going on towards the dreams =)

Some pictures of Tiberia of yesterday.
She's just wondeful ! Incredible nice character and very smart girl !
She's fitting just perfectly within the family.