Thinize Izilme BOB @ Malmö Int.

In the Swedish breedclub of Sweden (AfBV) competition "Belgian of the year"

Best Showdog/Laekenois:
C.I.E NO UCH DK UCH EU W-15 NordV-15-16 DK V-16 SE V-13-14-15-16-17-18 NO V-17
Roughrags Dazzling Delilah

SE V-18 SE VV-18 Roughrags Mahoganny

What an debute! Thinize Izilme "Maggie" BIG-Puppy @ an all breed open show 1/12

Roughrags Mahoganny BIG-4 & BIS-2 Veteran @ an all breed open show1/12

Dazzling Delilah BIS-3 @ SBU Swedish Belgian Shepherd Special

Roughrags Mahoganny BIS-2 Veteran @ SBU Swedish Belgian Shepherd Special

Dazzling Delilah BIG-4 @ SKK Nordic Show, Tvååker

Roughrags Mahoganny BIS-Veteran @ SBK Off. Örebro

Dazzling Delilah BIG-3 @ SKK Nordic Show, Gimo

Dazzling Delilah BEST IN SHOW @ SBK Katrineholm

Khémyro's Ai-Ais NO UCH @ NKK Kristiansand Norway

Khémyro's Ai-Ais Top Winning Showdog Malinois @ Swedish Belgian Shepherd Breedclub

Dazzling Delilah Top Winning Showdog Laekenois @ Swedish Belgian Shepherd Breedclub

Khémyro's Ai-Ais C.I.E @ MyDog Gothenburg

Dazzling Delilah Norwegian Winner @ DOGS4ALL, Lilleström

Dazzling Delilah Best In Show @ SBU/Swedish Breedspecial

Roughrags Trooper BIS-2 Veteran @ SBU/Swedish Breedspecial

Roughrags Tingeling (L) Agility: 1 Max 2 0 2:nd. Class 3

Dazzling Delilah BIG-4 @ SKK Int. Piteå

Dazzling Delilah BIG-2 @ SKK Int. Tvååker

Dazzling Delilah BIS-3 @ SBH, Danish Breedspecial, Jylland Day-2

Dazzling Delilah BIS-2 @ SBH, Danish Breedspecial, Jylland Day-1

Khémyro's Ai-Ais BIS-4 @ SBH, Danish Breedspecial, Jylland Day-2

Khémyro's Ai-Ais @ DKK Int. Vejen 1 x CAC & DKUCH

Khémyro's Ai-Ais @ DKK Int. Roskilde 2 x CAC & CACIB

Dazzling Delilah BIG-4 @ SKK International Strängnäs

Journey of Jellybean BOB-Puppy at her debute @ SKK International Strängnäs